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Avogadro’s work lays the foundations of the whole modern theoretical chemistry, with particular regard to the structures of chemistry. The first step towards the comprehension of the physical and chemical properties of the substances in relationship to their structure, an issue which Avogadro devoted the entire life to, was the discovering of how many different atoms would be part of the substance molecules.

The discovery of the proper molecular formulae of substances was elaborated and largely solved by Avogadro in his 1811 and following publications.

He was the first scientist of the word to know that water is in fact H2O, namely two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen, that hydrogen itself is H2, that oxygen is O2, that ammonia is NH3, that ethanol is C2H6, that camphor is C10H10O.


By Linus Pauling,

1954 Nobel Price for Chemistry and 1962 Nobel Price for Peace


Excerpt from his speech on occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the death of A. Avogadro 

Liceo  Scientifico “Amedeo Avogadro”,  Vercelli